A Guidebook for master's thesis writing

Thesis Guidebook, 11. 2018 (pdf)


The guidebook co-authors, purpose, and contents

MSc, MPH, MS, MA, MBA, MSW, MPA, HRM, LLM, MPhil, and other master's degrees in Ethiopia.

Co-authors. The co-authors are Mr. Tom  Syre, Jr. (USA) and Dr. Tom  Syre, Sr. (USA), who visited Ethiopia as volunteer guests. From their visit, they wrote the guidebook to enhance master's thesis writing in Ethiopia. 

This guidebook can help you prepare and also defend a scholarly and well-written thesis proposal and thesis.

Contents.  The guidebook includes information about thesis proposal writing, thesis writing, citation and reference preparation, ethical issues, avoidance of plagiarism, oral thesis defense preparation, and follow-through.

Download and share the guidebook for discussion with master's students, thesis advisors, academic staff members, and administrators at your university. 

Your university should review and revise the guidebook to meet the specific needs of its multiple master's degree programs. Be a part of this important discussion. 

Written to be focused, informative, and easy reading.

Guidance with:

*  Document style, formatting, English language 

*  Thesis proposal writing: structure and chapter contents

*  Thesis writing: structure and chapter contents

*  Citations and references: researching techniques, website assistance, and reference evaluation

*  Ethics associated with researching, writing, plagiarism avoidance, and detection software

*  Oral thesis defense: planning for a  successful defense, thesis submission, and graduation

Comments and suggestions by email

Please send your comments and guidebook suggestions to info@ethiothesisguidebook.com.

Suggested Reading: Writing for Journal Publication

According to physician, teacher,  and researcher, Dr. Abebaw Fekadu of Addis Ababa University, there is no mystery to publishing in the journals. It takes clarity in writing and following the proper process of manuscript preparation, submission, and follow-through with the editors. This article provides excellent insight into successfully writing for publication in the peer-reviewed journals with a focus on the biomedical journals. It is a "must read" for academic staff members and master's and doctoral degree students pursuing publication of their research. The attached article was recently published in the Ethiopian Medical Journal, 2018, Vol 56, No. 3. 

Journal Manuscript Publication by Dr. Abebaw Fekadu, MD (pdf)


A Call for Writing Courses in Colleges of Health Sciences

Academic Lecturer, Ato Ayalu Reda, and visiting volunteer guest, Dr. Tom Syre Sr., write a Letter to the Editor in EPHA's Ethiopian Journal of Health Development that calls for scientific writing course requirements for all students at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Colleges of Health Sciences throughout Ethiopia.  Writing in-service education programs for academic staff members are also recommended.

Reda & Syre Letter to Editor (pdf)


Pan African University Thesis and Dissertation Guidebook

The Pan African University has its headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is administered by the African Union. It has multiple master's and doctoral programs in an institute/campus located in Kenya, Algeria, Nigeria, Cameroon, and South Africa.  The original guidebook, written by Syre & Syre, is for thesis and dissertation writing dated 2018.

Pan African University Thesis and Dissertation Guidebook, 2018 (pdf)